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A style for whatever look you desire, done with attention to detail & care to create beautiful, quality lashes that enhance & flatter your natural beauty.



When choosing a lash style, think about what you want your desired look to be. If you just want to enhance your natural look or already have full lashes but want added length, then Classic’s are the way to go. But if you want a little more fullness but don’t want that strip lash or “fake” look, a Mixed set will give you just enough density while still having a soft appearance. For those that are all about the drama & want that deep, bold lash line, Volume is just what you need.


Most people who choose to get lash extensions typically have short lashes & want to add length, but keep in mind that the length of the lash extension applied is determined first by the length of your natural lashes then by your desired look. This is to ensure that the health of your natural lashes are not jeopardized.

If you are someone who has very short lashes and want very long, dramatic lash extensions, realistically you will have to go with a shorter, healthier set.

cleaning your lashes

Cleaning your lashes is imperative for maintaining healthy lashes & longer retention. Dirt, oils, & debris can build up along your lash line & in between the lashes and not cleaning them will cause the bond between the extension to weaken, making them fall off. More importantly, cleaning your lashes daily will prevent any infection caused by that same build up -- the most common being Blepharitis which is caused by a blockage in the follicle, leading to red swollen eyelids, itchyness, and premature lash fall out.


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Such a difference from the last lash job I got...

“Thank you sooo much for my lashes, I love them! I appreciate you taking your time to ask for my concerns & what I wanted. They came out sooo perfect! Such a difference from the last lash job I got, I loved them right away & don’t even feel them on!”

— M.M.

Heather is very personable and you can tell she really cares about her clients..

“During my first visit, Heather educated me on what extension length would work best for my eyelashes and explained to me the process. This made me feel at ease right away.”

— K.S.

Lash Fills:

You should have at least 50% of your lashes intact to qualify for a Fill — for larger fills {anything between 50% - 30%} you will be charged 75% of the Full Set price, for anything less than that you will be charged the Full Price of the original set.

classic Large Fill: $83

Mixed Large Fill: $94

volume large fill: $124

The less lashes you have/the more grown out, the more that need to be filled in & replaced which also means more time that I am lashing.


The difference between Classic & Volume lashes.
The Difference between Classic & Volume lashes


Aftercare Retail Products:

  • Lash Brush - $5

  • Lash Cleanser 15 ml - $8

  • Lash Cleanser 30 ml - $16

  • Lash Extension-Safe Mascara - $20

  • Sleep Mask - $5