All appointments must be booked online through the website. Each service requires a specific intake form to be filled out prior to the appointment as well as a client waiver/agreement.  If you contact me via text or direct message regarding availability I will direct you to the website.

**The only exception will be for those who contact me for SAME-DAY appointments as the system does not allow for appointments to be booked less than 12 hours in advance.


Card via Square or Cash.  However, if you are paying in cash please ensure that you have the EXACT amount as I may not be able to provide any change.


A 10 minute grace period will be given for those who may be running a little late. In the circumstance that you will not make it to your appointment by that time, you will be considered a No-Show & have to reschedule your appointment, and the card on file will be charged in FULL for the scheduled service. — 10-15 minutes may not seem like a lot, but there is not enough time in between each client to compensate for that amount of time and I will not cut into another client’s time or mine.

Cancellations must be made at least 12 hours in advanced, otherwise a $25 Late Cancellation fee will be charged to the card on file. Failure to show up to your scheduled appointment without cancellation will result in a FULL charge to the card on file for the service that was booked. — In the case of a bonafide emergency, these charges will be waived.

** I know that things happen & come up, but please understand that I work on an  appointment basis & each service is booked for a specific amount of time in order to allow sufficient preparation & provide a quality service.  I am typically booked back to back, so being late not only cuts into your appointment time but to those after. Everybody’s time is important, so please me mindful of it.


Unfortunately refunds on any services &/or retail products will not be made.Only exchanges for manufacturer problems on retail products will be allowed.

** In the case of premature lash loss within the 1st 7 days, please contact me & I will be more than happy to do a touch up at no additional cost.  The touch up must be scheduled by the end of the first week.


I DO NOT ACCEPT FOREIGN FILLS.  Each lash artist has their own products that they use & sometimes the method of application can be incorrect or poorly done which can make it hard to fill someone else's work.  Because of this and to ensure that you are getting the best outcome of your appointment; a Removal & a Full Set will be required. If you have an existing set from a different lash artist, please add on the “Removal With Full Set” after clicking your desired lash set when booking.

You must have AT LEAST 50% of your lash extensions intact for a fill.  Anything less than 50% will be charged for a Large Fill at 75% of the Full set price, anything less than 30% will be considered a Full Set & will be charged FULL PRICE. — The less lashes there are, the more time it takes to fill and that is not including the grown out lashes that need to be removed.

If you think you may have less than the 50% please let me know when booking/prior to your appointment so that I can block off any additional time needed.  ** If you arrive to your appointment with less than 50% without notifying me, you will need to RESCHEDULE & will be charged a rescheduling fee of $25. --  If I do not have an appointment booked directly after you & am able to accommodate you then the $25 fee will be waived and you will not have to reschedule.


Multiple discounts &/or promotions may NOT  be combined.  For example- If you receive a loyalty or referral discount & there is an on going promotion, you will only be able to use one or the other for your booked appointment.


I understand that it is not always easy to find a sitter, but due to limited space & safety reasons; children will not be allowed in the treatment room.  


Phones can be distracting to you, myself, and can disrupt other appointments. Please silence them upon arrival.  If you would like to bring headphones to listen to your own music or podcast etc, you are more than welcome to do so!  But please avoid answering calls or checking your phone as it will disrupt the service.


I respect your privacy & take it very seriously. Personal information taken when booking will be kept private & is strictly used for professional client records only. Your information will never be disclosed, shared or sold to any other third party. Photos may be taken during your service, these are used solely for professional purposes. If you do not feel comfortable with you photo being taken please let me know.